Lynda Aphing-Kouassi

Ladies and gentlemen,
In an increasingly competitive market, your employees are your main asset. How to capitalize on human resources and become the leader of your sector of activity?

The optimization of your human resources requires on the one hand the convergence between the personal objectives of your employees (freedom of expression-image - search for measured recognition), and on the other hand the development of the culture and the vision of the 'business. Kaizene gives you the means to focus on your employees, their image and their training to maximize their performance within your company. I am very pleased to offer you the calendar of our training courses and seminars for the year 2018. These seminars / trainings we invite you to strengthen your existing strengths and qualities and send your teams in a new dimension to ensure the full success of your business. Our theme will help to reinforce the notions of quality of service, commercial sense and team spirit in your different departments. Our goal is to help you create leaders who will fully embrace the values ​​and vision of your business. We look forward to working with you and being part of your journey to perfection. You will find different topics that will be covered during the seminars in this catalog.

Our courses are tailor-made, do not hesitate to contact us for specific topics or for any other need.

A few words about us ...

KAIZENE was created by Ms Lynda Aphing-Kouassi.

Previously a banker and Investments Director in London, Lynda has decided to create Kaizene in order to reinforce capacity building of employees in multinationals and organizations.
She has been designing training modules for companies for more than a decade.
She regularly works in companies on cross-functional business issues such as trading, portfolio management, M & A recommendations, building customer loyalty, implementing corporate culture and leadership.
Kaizene defines itself as a catalyst enabling public and private companies to improve their services and their quality approach and, above all, to use the potential of their human capital.
Its mission, to ensure the full success of companies by effectively training their staff. Continuity in perfecting is Kaizene's motto, and it clearly demonstrates the state of mind of its founder and allows her vision of excellence to be at the forefront of all the trainings.
Aware of the need for Leadership and Development, we provide tailor-made training courses and all other trainings are created after discussion with companies and understanding their vision and objectives and delivered in a way where we meet their needs.
Kaizene speacialises as well on
coaching, translation-interpreting and organization of  Confrences.

Kaizene intervenes either on site or off site.
Kaizene is based in Abidjan and London

corporate responsibility- responsabilité sociétale

At Kaizene, it very important to ensure that we give back to the younger generation and to the community by having a business approach that contribute to sustainable development and provide economic, social and environmental benefits.
In order to do so we work closely with orphanages, higher education school and universities students.

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